A RealEstate Value Of Excellence

BERSAMA is an award winning Real Estate Cooperative Multipurpose Society duly registered with Lagos State Government and the FCT to provide its members with secured, vetted, yield-driven real estate investment portfolios that is unprecedented in the Nigeria real estate industry. This is achieved through investment in diversified real estate projects and asset classes, working with Realty Point Limited as partner developer and business consult. This partnership ensures accountability and performance from our development partner on behalf of our members, as the invested funds are backed by underlying real estate assets. Through this platform, Bersama has gradually democratized real estate investing in Nigeria and Sub Saharan Africa, by giving our members the opportunity to DIVERSIFY their asset portfolios and also provide ACCESS to quality real estate projects, which were previously privy to corporate, institutional and high net-worth investors.

The cooperative society allows its members invest financially to collectively buy, own and earn on real estate assets. We believe that investing capital in these assets would definitely meet and presumably surpass the expectations and objectives of members, thereby bringing transformative change to their lives, one building/property at a time. We have a web-based login platform that provides members the convenience of gaining access to their dashboards and personal accounts 24/7 from any location worldwide. This will enable them conduct business utilizing the tools provided by the system.