Bersama Landlord is a product of BERSAMA REAL ESTATE COOPERATIVE which enables investors collectively invest and co-own properties/high quality real estate assets, with the aim of earning rental income and enjoy capital appreciation at disposal.

The most basic criteria of joining Bersama is that members must be above 18 years of age and must be of good character and sound mind. Others include but not be limited to the following listed below; Individuals Corporate Organizations Institutional Investors and Wealth managers Fund Managers and Private Investors Employees of Corporate Organizations Employees in the Public Sector Clubs, Associations and Societies Entrepreneurs- Small/ Medium Business Owners Traders Children (the Minor’s account must be managed by Parent, Guardian, Trustee or legally appointed Proxy)

Prospecting investors can become a Bersama Landlord via online and offline registration methods: ONLINE REGISTRATION Step 1: Registration You can register by using the link the person who referred you sent to you or if you are not referred, visit, sign-up free and register by providing basic information such as your name, phone number and email address, fill the required forms and upload necessary documents. Step 2: Payment Pay the membership fee of N143,719.006 per Share which can be bought in multiples of N100, 000.00, a one-off joining fee of N25,000.00, annual minimum compulsory savings amount of 15,000.00, an annual administrative charge of N3,000.00 and annual Group Life Insurance premium of N6,000. Totaling N192,719.06 into designated bank account(s) ONLY, as well as other online payment channels. Step 3: Verification & Confirmation Once payment has been confirmed and membership approved backend, you will receive a confirmation of payment and welcome letter via the email address provided. OFFLINE REGISTRATION Step 1: Registration Obtain hardcopy form from Bersama Coop office or your referrer and provide basic information such as your name, phone number, email address etc., and submit alongside other necessary documents as indicated on the form. Step 2: Payment Pay the membership fee of N143,719.06 per Share which can be bought in multiples of N100, 000.00, a one-off joining fee of N25,000.00, annual minimum compulsory savings amount of 15,000.00, an annual administrative charge of N3,000.00 and annual Group Life Insurance premium of N6,000. Totaling N192,719.06 into designated bank account(s) ONLY Step 3: Verification & Confirmation Once payment has been confirmed and membership approved backend, you will receive a confirmation of payment and welcome letter via the email address provided.

Bersama Landlord is a real estate investment product of Bersama Real Estate Cooperative Multipurpose Society Ltd. In other words, Bersama Cooperative is the promoter of Bersama Landlord.

The Co-operative, like any other corporate entity cannot predetermine how much it will make as Surplus year-in, year-out. However, the Co-operative is guided by well-crafted and enforced investment guidelines in the determination of the investments to make. Above industry average returns and the security of invested sums are key. Our Minimum Return on Investment benchmark for any project/investment to be considered at first assessment by the Co-operative is 20%p.a. In our first year of operation, even though it is not common, we were able to return over 14% dividend to members, apart from the appreciation of their share value.

To build passive income systems for residual income. The same reason you join Bersama Coop.

There is no limit to the number of shares an Investor can buy, but an Investor cannot get more than 25% of total share capital of the members. However, the investor has the option of channeling such fund into a special savings account which yields a competitive return.

Pay a registration/ one time joining fee of N25,000.00 Buy as many shares as possible at N100,000.00/share. To be a member you must have a minimum of 1 share. Pay the minimum compulsory annual savings of N15,000.00/member. However, additional voluntary amounts can be specified and paid either monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually. All members are required to pay an annual amount of N3,000.00/member as administrative charge for running the cooperative and N6,000.00/member as annual premium payable for the Group Life Insurance. The total initial minimum amount is N149,000, thereafter compulsory payment of N24,000 will be paid yearly

With as little as N15,000 per month, you can enter into our installment joining plan.

Payment Tenure Basic Prime Premium Outright N149,000 N549,000 N1,049,000 3 months Installments N153,000 N570,000 N1,200,000 @N51,000/month @N190,000/month @N400,000/month 6 months Installments N156,000 N600,000 N1,320,000 @N26,000/month @N100,000/month @N220,000/month 12 Months Installments N180,000 N660,000 N1,440,000 @N15,000/month @N55,000/month @N120,000/month All Time Plan At commencement, do N49,000 + N100,000/share depending on the number of shares you want. Then pick additional share(s) at anytime you want at N100,000/share . Funds to purchase share(s) can be aggregated over time in a completed and can then be used to purchase the needed amount of shares.

Bersama Cooperative will ensure that real estate projects meet prescribed quality standards in terms of structural stability, quality of finishing and maintainability in order to ensure durability, desirability and high yielding capacity.

Interested investors are expected to make payment into the designated account as stated below: Account name: Bersama Real Estate Cooperative Multipurpose Society Bank Name:       GTBank Plc Account nos:      0455293993 You can also make payment online into our account or through our other payment channel (Paystack). Please ensure that at the bank you indicate your name as we have it in our records as the depositor even if/when you send someone else to the bank or when making a transfer. This will help our internal accounting process. While we are not discrediting anybody, we strongly advise that cash/transfer should only be paid/made to designated bank account of Bersama Real Estate Cooperative Multipurpose Society Ltd. Otherwise, cheque should be issued in favour of Bersama Real Estate Cooperative Multipurpose Society Ltd ONLY. Please note that the management of Bersama Real Estate Cooperative Multipurpose Society Ltd accepts no responsibility for any liability that may arise as a result of the deviation from the above instruction.

The cooperative is structured such that investments are skewed in favour of real estate assets up to 70% of its portfolio, whilst loans to members and other asset classes that are secure, low risk with good yield will account for 30%. This will ensure that returns on investment are high and dividend is paid annually. Additionally, dividend from real estate investment activities is paid annually on pro-rata basis, i.e. based on number of share(s) owned by each member as well as date of joining.

Bersama Cooperative does not build nor manage properties directly. However, we work with our development partner and other available options provided they meet our investment assessment criteria.

Other benefits include: Diversified Investment Portfolio Capital Appreciation Experienced Development Partner Highly competitive Interest rate on special savings Access to loans at an unbeatable low rate Returns on Investment Access to Rent-To-Own home ownership acquisition model Opportunity to earn commissions through referrals Sense of prestige and pride associated with owning/ investing in real estate Group life assurance policy Networking opportunities

Yes. Investing in BersamaLandlord is one and the same as investing in Bersama Real Estate Cooperative Multipurpose Society Ltd. Bersama Coop offers her members opportunity to own their properties through the Starter Homes arrangements.

Currently, Bersama Real Estate Cooperative Multipurpose Society Ltd is aiming at N1bn investable funds on or before December 2020. Reason why new members are allowed to come in between now and then at the pegged nominal rate of N100,000 per share regardless of the going share value.

Yes. Studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom apartments in Cedar Homes, Okun Ajah, Lekki Lagos.

Yes. You can have as many shares as you desire and you can invest in trust for your children or anybody.

The frequency of valuation is annually and disclosure of share valuation is made at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

BersamaLandlord(regular) is a CONTRIBUTORY HOME OWNERSHIP SCHEME (COHOS) that is designed for and targeted at investors and low to middle income earners to help them achieve their home ownership dream in a convenient, affordable and pocket friendly manner.

It is an add-on package for interested members of Bersama Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited (BersamaCoop). The Cooperative is a vehicle for this initiative.

BersamaLandlord(regular) Homes/Apartments are located at PRIME ESTATES, Phase 2, Mowe/Ofada, Ogun State, Prime Estate, Igbesa, Ogun State, Roseberry Estate, Alapoti(next Agbara), Ogun State, Prime Estate, “Abuja”, New Karshi, and such other sites as may be added from time to time.

Housing unit types are 2-bedroom bungalows which can be expanded to 3-bedroom in a block of 4 units, with spacious living and other rooms designed for maximum comfort. Other housing unit types available are; 3 Bedroom expanded in a block of 4 units 3 Bedroom fully detached 3 Bedroom fully detached on client’s own land * *Note however that our technical team will need to inspect the client’s land to be sure the land is a firm land that will not require a special foundation. Otherwise, the prices in this document will not apply.

The Developers are REALTY POINT LIMITED. Bersama Real Estate Multipurpose Cooperative Society has longstanding relationship/partnership with tested and trusted REALTY POINT LIMITED, a top notch real estate development company with over 16 years’ experience in real estate development.

The target is a total of 5,000units scattered across the various sites but in the first batch of this Contributory scheme, we shall be starting with a 200units pilot.

Prices are valued from N11,286,000.00 (Eleven Million, Two Hundred and Eighty-Six Thousand Naira) only per unit and sustained membership of Bersama Coop for the 3years inclusive. (Note that prices are subject to review).

For Bersama Landlord regular scheme, the total land space per unit is 148sqms. The unit sizes are as follows: 2bedroom expandable to 3bedroom – 44sqms 3 bedroom detached in a block of 4units – 56sqms 2bedroom on clients land – 44sqms 3bedroom on clients land – 53sqms

Basically, contributions may be made daily, weekly, monthly or on-off. This flexibility is in consideration of our individual clients’ unique financial capabilities. Prices  OPTION 1- Self Finance (installment payment plan)  Outright 12months 24months 36months 2Bedroom Expandable                    9,500,000.00    10,093,750.00    10,687,500.00    11,286,000.00 3Bedroom Expanded                  11,500,000.00    12,218,750.00    12,937,500.00    13,662,000.00 3Bedroom Fully detached                  13,000,000.00    13,812,500.00    14,625,000.00    15,444,000.00 Outright price can be paid at once or with 25% deposit and balance spread over 3months at 25% per month making a total of 4months spread. For the 12 to 36months instalments payment is to be spread in equal monthly installments or 10% initial and balance spread over the chosen installment period in equal monthly installments. *OPTION 2 - Mortgage Finance is available as follows 10% deposit of outright price and balance to be paid by Developer’s arranged mortgage. The initial 10% deposit can be aggregated on agreed installment by subscribers Subscribers must meet mortgage prequalification criteria *For now, it is only available on our Prime Estate, Igbesa, Cedar Homes, Okun Ajah by Lekki Scheme 2 and Synergy Court, Jahi Abuja Projects. Note that prices for Cedar Homes, Okun Ajah by Lekki Scheme 2 and Synergy Court, Jahi Abuja properties are supplied separately.

Offer letter Deed of Contract/Contract of Sale and/or FAQs (Terms & Conditions) Receipt(s) Welcome letter

Units will be allocated on a first to complete payment basis. You risk revocation or surcharge levy as strict adherence to payment/contribution plan is what will guarantee allocated upon completion.

Yes, Legal fees shall be N100,000.00 per unit (subject to review), Survey fees shall be N150,000.00 per unit and Annual Estate Management Service Charge as required in the various estate becomes payable upon completion of subscriber’s unit. Subscribers shall bear all cost and expenses relating to the transfer of title of property into their name. Kindly note that fees stated here are for Projects in Ogun State. Projects in other States have different rates and fee charges. Kindly enquire for the fees specific to your subscription.

The legal documentation and survey fee is payable after completion of the purchase price payment but before your housing unit is handed over to you, handover will not be done until legal fee is paid. However, note that possession and occupation of the unit shall be deemed to have commenced from the date fixed for Handover and all responsibilities, risks and benefits in respect of the property passes to the purchaser. This is to ensure that properties are properly taken care of after completion and their values are optimally preserved.

By our estimation and barring unforeseen circumstances it will take about 9 to 12months to complete a unit however, completion and handover are done only upon completion of payment by subscribers. For clients who qualify for and are paying using mortgage, handover shall be when the subscriber has finished paying the initial deposit and the balance through mortgage(i.e the mortgage bank disburse to developer)

We recognize that buyers may need to sell their purchase for varying reasons. However, due to the administrative and legal issues required in the proper transfer of these purchases, we would only honour transfers once full payment for the unit(s) has/have been made. Both buyers have to complete Realty Point Limited’s Housing Unit Transfer Form as administered by Bersama Coop after which title documents and a Purchase Agreement may be issued to the new owner (buyer). A non-refundable fee per unit to be fixed from time to time is payable before the necessary transfer can be effected.

As stated in the presentation document and our other marketing materials, units will be finished to basic standard Windows: Sliding windows Doors: Flush doors for rooms and iron doors for the 2 main entrance and exit (sitting room and kitchen doors). Ceiling: Regular boards. Roof: Aluminum Floors: German floors, no wall or floor tiles anywhere. No cabinets in the kitchen or wardrobes in the rooms Painting will be done only externally, internal painting will not be done Plumbing, sanitary wares and electrical fittings will be done Please refer to product brochure for further clarification.

You can choose to build the expandable 3rd bedroom if you are buying the 2 Bedroom expandable to 3Bedroom bungalow for example at any time after handover but according to specification ONLY. However, for any other external or structural adjustments, approval must be sought and secured from the Estate & Facility Management Office and especially from relevant government quarters before the amendment can be allowed to be carried out.

Refund of the total sum of what you have paid for the property will be made to you less 12.5% charge and N10, 000.00 administrative fee only after the unit has been resold and the alternative buyer has paid for the property in full. Note also that refund shall not be made on units for which full payment (excluding payments of all of the other fees) has been made. In such cases, Bersama Coop, Realty Point Limited or any other agent can be contracted to sell such unit by the subscriber. Note that your subscription to Bersama Landlord Regular Units can stop without affecting you Bersama Coop membership subscription except you so decide. And in a situation where you decide that you also want to exit Bersama Coop, your exit of Bersama Coop for the portion of your contribution there will be treated the standard way Bersama Coop members exit.

For failure, refusal or neglect to pay any contribution (instalment), a subscriber will have a 7days for daily, 14days for weekly and 21days for monthly subscribers as maximum grace period within which to pay up and/or continue after which the default may result in a price increase or surcharge without recourse to the subscriber.

Your property will be ready 4months after your completion of payment (including payment of legal fee) latest, you will be notified and handover date communicated in writing. However, note that possession and occupation of the unit shall be deemed to have commenced from the date fixed for Handover an all responsibilities, risks and benefits in respect of the property passes to the purchaser.

Yes, Bersama CMS can do that through the Estate Management arm of Realty Point Ltd for a fee. Note that Realty Point Limited is the manager of her Estates.

Due to the long duration of the subscription and batched method of construction, a significant change in material, labor rates/prices and USD exchange rate by more than 10% at any time may lead to review in prices for new subscribers and this may affect existing subscribers’ installments yet to be paid.  Defaulters also risk price review without recourse after the expiration of the grace period. Kindly note that the bench mark exchange rate of USD to NGN for this project is 1USD to 484NGN (sell) and 1USD to 480NGN(buy) as at May 20, 2021 according to"

Cheques, transfers, cash payments and any other payment must be paid directly into designated project bank account(s). Note that Cash payments are only either to designated Bank Accounts even for daily payment. For payments made into designated Bank Account, please contact the office on 09092203565 or 09099708993 if in 24hours to 48hours maximum after lodgement you do not get a confirmation SMS/email from BersamaCoop that your contribution has been captured in the office.

GT Bank Account:               0455293993 Stanbic IBTC Account:       0024850431

Always ensure that at the bank or when paying online, you indicate your name as we have it in our records as the depositor even if/when you send someone else to the bank. And under description, please put your name/name of site. For example: Yusuf Chukwu/Prime Estate, Igbesa This will help our internal accounting process. One more very important thing please; Also, we expect that you will send in your payment details via any of the following ways: Log on to your as a member and send us the details of your payment into the bank OR Scan the deposit slip you paid with to OR Send your copy of the deposit via WhatsApp to 09092203565 or 09099708993 You will get notified as soon as we credit your Bersama Landlord Account with us.

Congratulatory letter (immediately after completion of payment for unit), Final Payment Completion letter upon completion of ALL payments. Allocation & Handover date Notice Letter (this letter should come with all relevant legal documents to be executed by the subscriber before handover) and Handover Letter on the handover date and ONLY after the signing and submission of all Estate Management Agreements and Documents.

You get the keys to your housing unit and your copies of the Deed of Assignment.

Yes, you can resell your apartment after completion of payment for the housing unit but can obviously rent out your apartment after handover (subject to terms and conditions).

Electricity, drainage and well laid out network of motorable roads.

The developer; Realty Point Limited and/or her assignee in collaboration with the Estate’s Owners/Tenants Association/Community Development Association (CDA).

Yes, we conduct site inspections periodically, subscribers are to make arrangement with their contact person to visit any of the sites as may be desired. Note that all sales/subscriptions are final and shall be made on the assumption that the Subscriber/Buyer has inspected the site, conducted all necessary due diligence and is acquiring the property as presented(as-is) unless otherwise stated.

The real estate industry just like most others is a dynamic industry and as such things get to change from time to time most especially for the better. However, any change, amendment or modification shall be communicated by Bersama Coop and/or REALTY POINT LIMITED. Such communication shall be via letters, electronic mails, e-newsletter, WhatsApp chat, fax, short message service (SMS), handbill, posters and any other means of communication. This correspondence shall be deemed to have been received by the Client/subscriber having been sent by Bersama Coop and/or REALTY POINT LIMITED.