Diversified Investment Portfolio

By combining technology with the experience of our Development Partner, Bersama brings the once-unattainable world of real estate investment directly to members. This enables members diversify their portfolios from traditional sources such as savings accounts, fixed deposits, shares, stocks, treasury bills that will ultimately minimize their exposure to external factors/shocks that may adversely affect such investments. The funds invested in real estate are also diversified across markets/locations, asset types and cash flow profiles.

Capital Appreciation

Investment in real estate is known to provide sustainable appreciation of capital over a period of time and hedge against inflation.

Experienced Development Partner
As the sole Real Estate Development Partner and business consultant, Realty Point Limited brings its wealth of experience, depth of expertise and professionalism to the table. This will be of immense value to the Cooperative by ensuring timely delivery of quality and sustainable projects.

Savings and Loans

The cooperative is set up in such a way that members are encouraged to save money towards meeting future financial needs. This will be achieved through compulsory and voluntary savings plans. Members can also access loans at low interest rates, up to twice their savings balance, after meeting prescribed requirements.

Returns and Investment

The cooperative is structured such that investments are skewed in favour of real estate assets up to 70% of its portfolio, whilst loans to members and other asset classes that are secure, low risk with good yield will account for 30%.  This will ensure that returns on investment are high and dividend is paid annually.