The product is designed as a customer acquisition strategy towards growing Bersama Coop’s membership base and meeting financial goals. It is a structured savings plan for parents or legal guardians of children and teenagers from 0-18 years, towards specifically co-investing in/co-owning real estate assets on behalf of their children before their 18th birthday.

The Cooperative is positioned to invest in high yielding real estate assets on behalf of its members, who benefit annually through surplus payouts and/or eventual capital gains from the disposal of such properties. The ownership right of the properties purchased directly through the Cooperative is vested in the children/teens, but administered by their parents until they are above 18 years and can enter into contract

Philosophy and Product Design

The Landlord Kids & Teens represents a veritable method of teaching children Investment culture and the importance of starting as early as possible. BersamaLandlord Kids & Teens aims to;

  • Encourage savings culture for parents and legal guardians. 
  • Promote real estate investment and property ownership as a secure investment portfolio and store of value for children. 
  • Ensure regular, periodic payment of returns on investment either as rental income and/or capital gains. 
  • Foster the prestige ideology and personality usually associated with owning property especially at such a young age. 
  • Access to other value added services and benefits such as real estate investment advice from experts, access to tailored insurance services for minors, access to loans, specialized referral earnings for introducing new members(Kids and Teens) to the Cooperative etc.



  • Opportuinities for the children to become property owners before they turn 18years old
  • Annual dividend payout
  • Saving towards real estate acquisition for children through the special savings window to also earn 7% p.a
  • Access to loans at very attractive rates to meet financial obligation
  • Capital growth of underlying assets over time for capital gains at disposal
  • Life assurance and educational cover during the period
  • Special welcome gift pack upon joining
  • Commission earnings on referrals
  • Birthday Notifications
  • Access to discounted competitions, field trips and tours for kids
  • Invitation to the annual Bersama Kids "n" Teens Party
  • Free real estate investment advisory service from experts
  • Fully automated online platform

Acquisition Mode and Payment Plans