February 07, 2022 - BY Admin

Investment Objective

Generate Income/Cashflow

Bersama will invest in real estate developments that will generate a steady stream of income (rent/leases) over a period of time, with the aim of sustainably returning dividend to members annually. Additionally, other investment strategies will include options such as Buy-Hold-Sell; Buy-Sell and Co-Investing.

Yield Ability
Investments must be well-vetted by the appropriate committee to ensure that it returns high yields on a sustainable basis to members, taking due cognizance and analyzing risk factors that may adversely affect such returns.


Capital invested in real estate assets must be secured by a first lien position on the properties. Loans provided to members of the Coop. will also be guaranteed by existing members whose savings are in excess of loan amount, amidst other pre-qualification criteria.

Real estate developments must meet prescribed quality standards in terms of structural stability, quality of finishing and maintainability in order to remain desirable in the market, appreciate in value and generate income.